P2 Livin Resort Consultants was founded in 2008 by Patrick Maille and Philippe Pujol, who had been collaborating individually on various hospitality projects and decided to merging their skills and vision. Today, P2 Livin is a strong and renowned partner, holding extensive FF&E contracting experience in luxury hotel construction and renovation, and conducting successful partnerships with famous designers and worldwide brands.

Our teams, whether operating from Mauritius or Indonesia, each brings an unique quality to the table and we feed from each other’s strengths, crafting the most efficient and creative designs for our clients, within a given scope.


  • Patrick MAILLE

    Owner & Managing Director





    Holding an Architect’s degree from the Ecole d’Architecture de Marseille, Patrick is based in Jakarta and overlooks all the production process and design development Patrick has 25 years of experience in the FF&E sector,  and has lived 10 years in the Middle East, working on prestigious residential projects . 

  • Philippe PUJOL

    Owner & Managing Director




    Philippe has spent many years in The Pacific Islands  and Singapore, and is now settled in Mauritius, where he overlooks the commercial, logistics, finance and coordination aspects of the company. He holds an extensive experience in the hospitality sector, starting in the industry on various construction and refurbishment projects (carpenting, roofs) before moving into the FF&E contracting business.

Our staff of 10 people, designers, carpenters, quality controllers, logistics and shipping coordinators, are spread between our two representative offices in Jakarta, Indonesia and in Mauritius.

Olivier Giguère coordinates all the production for all Central Java, and has an extensive experience on all local manufacturing processes.

P2 Livin Resort Consultants has secured solid manufacturing partnerships, boasting the skills and knowhow tested and developed for retail suppliers on worldwide brands.


Our expertise lies in the full mastering of the production process, from concept to design and manufacture. This is the reason why our clients come to us and choose to work with P2.

P2 Livin designs and creates custom made high quality furniture, fit outs and equipment for indoor and outdoor needs, manufactured in selected factories, using the most advanced equipment and skilled craftsmen.